We are a company focused on giving the best possible service in Telemedicine.
We work together with a wide range of specialists who are reference at their specialities.
We offer you complete solutions in order to provide an experience from the beginning to the end.
Our expertise shows off as your best partner along the process.


Dr. Nicolas Achkar is a General practitioner with special interest in Cardiology and new technologies, graduated from the University of Navarra where he developed his passion for Medicine and new technologies. He is the coordinator of the medical team and consultant of R&D department.



Dr. Pedro Serrano Aísa is a Cardiologist and PhD in medicine from the University of Zaragoza, he develops his professional career in different public and private hospitals and he bets on new technologies to provide the best medical assistance to his patients. He is the Medical consultant and strategy team leader.


Our multidisciplinary team is our core value at ITH, the excellence and dedication makes us provide the best medical and technical services.




Our vision makes us see far beyond the current status of the Health systems. We strongly believe
that the technology can improve the way that the patients and the doctors interact.

So we boast the state-of-the-art telemedicine systems. We’re in the business of connecting patients
with the care they need, whenever they need it.

How can the distance Patient-Doctor be shorten? In all their ways.
– Either the patient goes to the doctor.
– Either the doctor visits the patient at home.
– Or simply the patient’s vital parameters and the doctor’s knowledge meet in a middle point,
our cloud services.


The world’s population is constantly increasing. Besides the netto growth, there is also an increase of life expectancy which brings to the aging of the population.

Concerning to the health management it means that the population needs an increasing amount of resources. Too often there are not enough medical doctors, not enough hospitals, not enough caregivers, and more and more people demanding care.
Chronical diseases demand a daily control that needs a lot of time.


The trend is to involve the patient in his selfcare. But as he cannot do it for his own, he needs the infrastructure to move from the clinic or hospital to his home:
measuring devices, connectivity, web based
services and finally a specialist who follows up the vital paramenters.

On the other side, all this infrastructure can bring to the health manager a better efficiency. Lots of tools can be implemented in order to avoid the saturation of the emergency centre and routine doctor’s appointments.

This solutions are designed for governments, hospitals and health insurance companies as well.

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